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COLORS Red May symbolize passion, anger, sexuality, revolution, danger. As the colour of blood, red is the symbol of life (which is why Hindu and Chinese brides wear red); but blood, or course may also mean death (see meaning od death).
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One of the classic forms of ghost within paranormal research and fiction is the white ghost. There are thousands of documented cases describing these apparitions. The most familiar form is the 'white lady', frequently seen in a long dress or cloak. They are often reported in rural areas or lonely.
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Lucy rubbed her eyes to make sure she was seeing correctly. A girl was wearing a dress made out of red mist. Luckily, the mist was thick enough so you couldn't see her body. On her left forearm was the mark of Midnight Barrem. Of course, the color of it was red.
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The two Smurflings stop their usual arguing and help Glovey get cleaned up later. A few bandages later, more Smurfs begin to complain about experiencing creepy images in their head while others talk about strange phenomena occurring in the village.

These dreams are now affecting everyone. The good thing is that nobody is seriously getting too hurt. Everyone exits the room except for Lazy, who stays asleep on the spot. Glovey heads over to the gathering Smurfs who are all complaining and demanding to see the missing Papa Smurf, who had not returned.

Glovey whistles high to get the attention of his fellow Smurfs. The Smurfs all nod in unison. Did anyone see the strange creature who wore one glove? Glovey tries to hold his anger to prove his leadership skills true to Papa Smurf. So not everyone has seen him.

That has been established. All I can do is repeat what Papa Smurf had told us all earlier. Ugh… this guy is worse than Brainy… No offense Brainy. Brainy gives Hefty an angry and look. Glovey just about gives up as he walks away with a frown. Smurfette then follows behind him.

Where are you going? Papa Smurf is taking too long. He could be in trouble for all we know. But he put you in charge. Glovey begins yawning as he stretches his arms. We need to find you something to keep you awake, and fast!

Glovey, help me wake him… Glovey? Smurfette turns around to see Glovey Smurf losing his balance as he tries to stay awake. He yawns and yawns, making Smurfette yawn back. Glovey finally passes out on the ground. Smurfette lays next to him and hugs him tight, hoping to wake up in the dream world with him. Glovey freaks out as he looks at the scenery and back at himself. Glovey and Smurfette in a cartoon art style.

You look so funny! Look at what that bully did to my glove…. Glovey looks at how his glove also appears different. This could fit some kind of giant mouse. Who puts buttons on the front of pants? Soon both begin to call out for Greedy Smurf, but there appears to be no sign of him.

Both soon end up walking into what resembles a giant kitchen, where a cartoony Greedy Smurf is seen eating a corn cob. He bites it rapidly in the same manner as the movements of an old type writer.

Glovey tries to walk forward but is rapidly crushed by a giant safe. Smurfette is left speechless as she sees him get crushed, believing him to be gone.

The safe then opens with Glovey walking out completely dizzy with stars spinning around his head. He quickly shakes his head and moves the stars away. He then makes his wide and smiles as he snaps his fingers.

He catches the stars again and throws them on himself, giving himself star power to get his super powers in the dream world. Greedy stops eating to approach Glovey and Smurfette. Say now, what are you two doing here in this Smurfy place? Anyways, we need to leave now. Greedy begins to laugh with Smurfette. They both stop when Eddy appears behind Glovey as they point at him.

He appears in the weird form of a cartoony looking fat cat. Why did you stop laughing? I love jokes so much. Luckily, Glovey had his magic abilities, which allow him to heal the wound away. But my favorite part is always…. Glovey turns around and delivers his star punch, sending Eddy fly off and disappear.

The punch line… Greedy, now would be a good time to leave. Greedy finishes a big cake as he licks his fingers and face. The three soon walk out of the kitchen and they notice a similar square window ahead of them. They run to it, only to have it get stretched further and further away. The three turn around to see Eddy facing them as he taunts them by tapping his claws on the wall, then making sparks on the wall as he slashes it.

Greedy and Smurfette get behind Glovey as he shakes and trembles. Is the big baby going to cry? He puts his hands forward and releases two giant rainbow beams which Eddy catches with his claws and reflects back at Glovey Smurf.

Smurfette and Greedy run away, leaving Glovey get hit by his own attack. Glovey takes it and quickly heals back. The bad guys never win. You forget that this is my world you rotten brat! Your fear fuels me with the energy to conquer! He picks up Glovey and sends him flying through many pipes.

Glovey gets up as he rubs his head to ease his pain. Eddy throws his glove through Glovey, making it pass through him and strip him off his magic again.

As Glovey opens his eyes, he notices he is in his normal clothes again with no magic. He notices the blood coming from his scars. He tries to heal but is unable. He notices his body starting to become translucent. He quickly runs to Smurfette and Greedy and holds their hands, making them all disappear. Glovey opens his eyes yawning. As Smurfette and Greedy begin to wake up, Glovey notices that it is now evening. No, no… there is always a way. We just gotta keep trying. He quickly shakes them up, but nothing happens.

Smurfette comes behind Glovey. And I am not going back to sleep again. This is an emergency, Glovey Smurf. Wait, I found something. A sleeping elixir, for those hard nights filled with insomnia. Well our case is a little bit exaggerated to be called insomnia. Well, it smells promising…. Glovey fills a small bottle with the sleeping substance and then returns back to where Lazy, Dreamy, and the Smurflings sleep. Glovey takes a sip of the sleeping elixir and makes faces as he swallows.

He then quickly falls on the ground as he drops the bottle. He opens his eyes and is frightened to see a new freaky world. A subtle check with his magic told Magnus that she was a werewolf.

Magnus stared at all of them, only just taking in the runes on the three mortals. Tall, humanoid, three-jointed arms, deep green. Did the demon do something to you? The werewolf spoke up next. Magnus isn't hiding his warlock mark. I'm proud to be the son of Asmodeus. All of you — all of you should be kneeling — where the hell am I? Where is my father? Mouth agape, Isabelle reached out a hand. He's being held against his will by three warlock women somewhere at a lower level.

You portaled us here, because you need fighters. He needs you to Not whoever you think you are. The warlock shook off Isabelle's helping hand and got to his feet. His outfit wasn't what he had been wearing earlier, and there was something not quite right about his thoughts, like there was another voice insistently yelling in the distance.

He glanced to his left and saw a brood of ravener demons, creeping forward down the hallway. Magnus reached deep into himself and stretched , the core of his power soon unfurling through his veins.

Golden and crimson lights danced over his skin and he smiled — his father was with him, in him; this was his work. Pushing through the group of young mortals, Magnus came before the lowly demons, with magic coiled glittering silver around his hands.

The first row of raveners inched forward, as if doubtful of his claim. Magnus lashed out with his left hand, leaving behind a sizzling line in the stone. Magnus raised his chin and drew upon his father's protection. The lights that had been swimming under his skin suddenly enveloped him, golden and red, until all of Magnus' skin was shielded with warlock and demonic runes. He could feel the pulse of his sigil on his brow, and Asmodeus' presence at the base of his neck.

The raveners skittered and chirruped, before coming to a complete halt. Not a single scale or sting stirred. They pressed their heads to the floor. Behind him, the warlock could hear the mortals and the young vampire furiously debating the situation. He ignored their chatter and followed the demons. The stones were ancient, and Magnus could feel the tug of forgotten magic in them.

These walls had seen dark things and whispered at him. He was very tempted to stay and read their secrets, but if Isabelle was right, then his Alexander was somewhere out there, and Magnus would be damned if he'd let anyone but himself kill the slave for trying to assassinate him. He had scratched marks on the tiles with the stele, but he kept returning to this one pillar. Sagging against it, Alec wondered why he even bothered.

Daji would find him easily anyway. He tried his best not to look up at the ceiling. Unlike the other levels, this sixth level had a tall ceiling, and cages were hung from it. Alec didn't want to look at the floor, but he could smell it. If this hadn't been deep underground, he would be stepping in maggots right now.

But seeing this, knowing that the warlocks had no qualms killing innocent babies Alec knew that he was going to savor the moment he or the others kill them.

He wouldn't send them to the Clave. He wanted them to die, and one thing for sure: The raveners led them to the stairs, but chittered nervously when Magnus ordered them to head down. Magnus levelled him with a glare.

I want them to set the traps off so I won't be caught. By my Father, he is so dumb. Magnus ignored him and snapped out an order to the raveners. When they hesitated, he threw them with his magic down the steps. Immediately, metal arrows rained out of the stairs, impaling the hapless demons to the far wall. Those that didn't die fled into the ceiling. The next level was an open space, lit with pools of light, but outside of the small areas of illumination was utter darkness. Magnus, what is wrong with you?

But the Magnus I know wouldn't have done that. She was tiny, but her temper made her seem taller. Isabelle nodded, not releasing her grip.

You — if you were yourself, then you would never have been cruel, even to demons. A new voice piped up, low and suggestive. My name is Hu Xi Mei. A swirl of purple and blue swirled about her slender frame. You won't matter after midnight. Magnus rolled his eyes.

Wherever this was, vampires certainly were far too timid. If his former paramour was here, she'd have already torn one of the Raum demons apart.

If she hadn't cheated on him with some younger warlock, Magnus would have liked Camille with him. Well, he had had her sealed in a steel coffin and dropped to the bottom of the Mariana Trench, so he at least had that satisfaction. The warlock Xi Mei crossed her forearms and the purple-blue swirls intensified around her. She snapped her arms down, the glow coalescing around her hands, and she smiled.

Magnus wheeled around and caught the blast, returning it instantly. The nephilim scattered, while the vampire scooped up the werewolf and ran into the shadows. The Raum demons hooted wildly and broke off, with one staying beside Xi Mei and the others disappearing after the rest.

Xi Mei's fingers curled and formed a ball of magic between her palms. Not bothering with idle chitchat, Magnus pushed magic into his palms and drew a glowing silver spear before him that he hurled right at her. She blocked it, returning two volleys, and then another three portals popped open around Magnus, pouring a handful of lesser demons into their space. There was a screeching hoot and then a faint sulfurous smell wafted forth. One of the Raum demons was dead. None of the demons moved, other than the Raum demon behind her.

A whip sang out and snagged it around its neck, dragging it off into the thick darkness. There are no demons left in Brooklyn, and human memories have been adjusted. Your subjects have fed on those memories of terror and confusion, your highness, and we thank you for the feast.

We were on the way back to Edom when this warlock caught us and sent us here. Magic crackled over his skin and he looked at Xi Mei. Kill them, and then bring the vampire and werewolf to me, unharmed.

The woman started backing away. Her magic glittered madly as she cast shielding enchantments around her, but Magnus dispelled each of them with ease as he advanced.

The voice in his head, the one insisting that something was off, had become quite silent as he focused on the fight. His arms swept loose arcs diagonally from right to left, his fingers flicking in a complicated sequence as he wove charms and incantations. Sparks of deep purple and gold fluttered out to form an arc above his head, like a demonic halo, and every attack Xi Mei flung at him was deflected by it. Ancient remnants of magic spells trapped in the stones of the structure murmured, resonating with the dark magic Magnus was using.

It made sense; Magnus was casting spells his father designed even before language was crafted, in the age before angels sullied the earth with their bastards.

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